our approach

we pave your path to better brain health

our approach

we pave your path to better brain health

Before You Engage With Any Specialists Regarding Your Health, It Is Essential To Understand Their Philosophy Toward Care. The Beliefs And Frameworks That Guide Their Efforts To Help You Achieve Your Goals Can Significantly Impact The Quality And Level Of Care You Receive. This Is Why We Share Our Approach With You Upfront. We Want You To Understand What To Expect When Working With Us And Ensure That We Are A Perfect Fit For Each Other.

Focus on Root Causes

When you're not feeling great, we don't just want to give you a quick fix. We're like detectives, looking for clues to figure out the real reason behind the problem. Think of us as your health sleuths, searching for the 'why' so we can help you feel better for good.

For example, a headache creates the symptom of pain, so most people expect to be given a pain reliever to eliminate the problem. Our approach is different because we want to know why you have the headache in the first place. There are many root causes of headaches, from dehydration, lack of sleep, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, injury to the head, and more. We treat symptoms like alarm bells and work to identify what is causing the alarm to sound instead of simply trying to silence it. Doing so increases the likelihood that the alarm will not go off in the future.

Everything is Connected

Your body is like a team, where every player needs to be in top shape for the whole team to win. We look at the big picture, making sure every part of you is working well together. This way, we help your brain by helping your whole body.

There is value in specializing and understanding how an individual organ system like the skin, the heart, or the brain function, but taking them out of context can be a problem. Changes in one part of the system affect the rest of the system. The gut and the brain talk to each other; what is good for the heart is good for the brain; poor dental health can negatively affect many other parts of the body. Imagine taking an old car that does not run to the mechanic and learning it needs an engine overhaul, a new transmission, brakes, tires, a water pump, a fuel pump, and a new computer to run everything. Repairing one system without fixing the others will not get the car running.

Brain Health is Never About One Thing

Many diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes have multiple root causes and do not respond optimally to isolated interventions. Just as you would not expect a boat with 20 holes in the bottom to quit sinking after patching one of the holes, chronic diseases do not improve unless most or all of the contributing factors are addressed. Our approach combines extensive blood work and recommendations to improve nutrients, hormones, calm inflammation, and address potential biotoxins, along with lifestyle changes, coaching, and medical devices.

Evidence-Based, Real Results

We're always learning from the best brain experts out there and bringing those insights straight to you. We test out the latest research to make sure we're giving you advice that works and can really make a difference in your health. We use as many objective measures as possible to quantify outcomes through bloodwork, academically verified cognitive tests, and other measures to determine whether the interventions we recommend have a significant effect. Most importantly, we are not afraid to admit we were wrong and make changes when new evidence emerges.

You're One of a Kind

You're unique, and your health plan should be, too. We take everything about you into account to come up with a plan that's just for you. It's like getting a suit tailor-made to fit you perfectly, but for your health.

We're excited to guide you every step of the way on your journey to better brain health. Ready to get started? Explore our programs and find the perfect fit to help you optimize your cognitive and mental health.

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