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Have you heard about our program, Healthy Foundations? 

​We all know that a strong foundation is essential for building something strong and long-lasting, and this correlates perfectly when embarking on a journey towards improving cognitive health. There is so much information at our fingertips that a person could spend countless hours searching, watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading articles, browsing websites, reading blogs, and sifting through all of the self-proclaimed 'experts' out there, only to feel even more lost, confused, and overwhelmed than when they first typed something in the search bar and hit 'Enter'. 

​That's where Healthy Foundations comes in!

​Now, you might be wondering what sets A Mind For All Seasons apart from all those other websites and individuals claiming to have the answers, so we'll tell you: 

​Our Principal and CEO, Eric Collett, is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant, and brain health expert. In addition to overseeing A Mind For All Seasons, Eric teaches about brain disorders at the college level and previously worked as a program director and executive director in traditional assisted living for nine years before devoting an additional seven years as executive director of a memory care community, which is where he developed innovative approaches to care by emphasizing the importance of focusing on the individual and their specific needs. His significant impact there provided Eric the opportunity to serve on the board of the Idaho Healthcare Association and currently chairs the education committee. With a degree in interpersonal communication and a minor in psychology combined with more than two decades' worth of advanced training in healthcare management, we could go on citing his credentials, experience, and vast knowledge when it comes to neuroscience and other related topics. However, the fact that Eric has dedicated his life to helping others achieve peak brain health by improving their cognitive development which results in a better quality of life speaks for itself. One of the things Eric enjoys most in life is helping others take action so that they can enjoy theirs. 

Our Principal and CMO, Randy Vawdrey, NP-C, is a nurse practitioner with extensive experience in skilled nursing, hospital, psychiatric and primary care settings. His knowledge is a vital asset as he collaborates on the production, training, and delivery of A Mind For All Season's assessment tools and treatment protocols that we use to improve the lives of our clients with emphasis on those living with Alzheimer's Disease and other types of dementia, TBI and post-concussion syndrome, and mental health disorders. Our signature product, The Enhance Protocol, is an invaluable result of Randy's efforts as he has contributed to the development of this one-of-a-kind program which utilizes a combination of resources to lead our clients toward their optimal brain health while gaining an understanding of the vital connections between the mind and body. Influenced by mentors such as Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD, a pioneering neurologist and Alzheimer's researcher with whom Randy gained training in techniques to improve cognitive function, Dr. Datis Kharrazian who provided extensive training in neuroinflammatory disorders, TBI/concussion experience from Dr. Mark Gordon, and metabolic health with Dr. Warren Willey, Randy is also certified in hyperbaric medicine and has had the privilege of learning from some of the best in the field. With a bachelor's degree in nursing science combined with years committed to improving the health and lives of others, Randy has a love of learning as well as a passion for sharing his vast knowledge and experience with others in an effort to provide them with the tools that will assist them in obtaining their highest level  of cognitive health. 

Eric, Randy, and their team at A Mind For All Seasons have spent countless hours combing through the latest research, time-tested methods, and nearly every available resource to curate a collection of the most reliable, effective, and helpful information anyone looking to improve their brain health could possibly want. Our program, Healthy Foundations, contains the stepping stones and support  needed to begin this journey on the path to a better brain. We have simplified the process of sorting through the constant bombardment of information on this particular topic and collected t all in one place, Healthy Foundations, where you'll learn vital tactics to allow YOU to take proactive control of your own health. When you make the effort to maintain your health, you don't have to spend precious time and energy worrying how to get better. Which, in turn, gives you the gift of being able to spend more time doing the things that you enjoy; the things that give purpose and meaning to your life. By utilizing our Healthy Foundations Program, you'll also learn how to obtain the mental and physical stamina to do those activities as well as be there for the people who matter the most to you. 

What's stopping you from beginning your journey toward a healthier brain, body, and a healthier you?

If you'd like more information, please visit our Healthy Foundations website by clicking here where you can find a message from our CEO, Eric Collett, and join others across the nation who have enrolled and started their path of improving their cognitive state. You can also email us at and we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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