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Welcome to A Mind For All Seasons

our story

Welcome to A Mind For All Seasons

In the ever-expanding sea of brain health research, A Mind for All Seasons (“AMFAS” for short) stands out as a beacon of hope and innovation. Our story is not just about combating dementia and Alzheimer's; it's a movement helping people of all ages live healthier, happier, and more productive lives by optimizing their brain health.

The Inception: A Vision Born from Passion and Expertise

A Mind for All Seasons (AMFAS) began with Eric Collett, our CEO. Eric’s extensive background in dementia care and assisted living, fueled by his innovative spirit, laid the groundwork for AMFAS. He recognized the profound need for supportive resources in dementia care, which led him to pioneer effective techniques that significantly improved the lives of those in memory care communities.

A Pivotal Encounter: The Meeting of Minds

Eric's path converged with Randy Vawdrey, a nurse practitioner specializing in neuroendocrinology and functional medicine. This pivotal meeting marked a transformative partnership, combining Eric's groundbreaking dementia care methods with Randy's research-driven approach to cognitive health.

The Evolution: From Dementia Care to Preventive Brain Health

Our focus expanded from dementia care to proactive brain health, targeting those at risk of cognitive decline. We identified the need to reach individuals before the onset of symptoms, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and prevention.

The Enhance Protocol®: A Testament to Our Evolution

The Enhance Protocol®, developed collaboratively by Eric, Randy, and our team, reflects our journey. This comprehensive approach to brain health showcases our commitment to personalized care and prevention, marking a significant shift in how cognitive health is addressed.

Growth and Expansion: Building a Team, Spreading the Mission

As our mission gained momentum, our team grew with dedicated professionals, each contributing unique expertise. You would have to hire a doctor, dietitian, health coach, counselor, personal trainer, research assistant, and more to mirror the kinds of expert support available to those who participate in The Enhance Protocol.

The Future: An Ongoing Journey of Discovery and Impact

Our journey continues as we strive to impact lives positively through brain health education and intervention. Our current goal is ambitious and personal: to empower a million people to proactively care for their brains by the year 2030. Achieving this goal will stand as an undeniable demonstration to the world that cognitive and mental health challenges can be overcome and prevented.

Join Us: Be Part of Our Story

We invite you to be part of our movement and begin taking proactive steps to optimize your own brain health. Doing so will not only improve the quality of your life; it will demonstrate to everyone around you that there is a path for the people of the world to enjoy better cognitive and mental health. Together, we can prevent millions of cases of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, improve mental health for people everywhere, and dramatically reduce some of the most prevalent diseases on the planet.

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