Elevate Your Event with Eric Collett's Expertise in Brain Health, Leadership, and Dementia Care

Many speakers have engaging ideas to share with healthcare professionals, business leaders, athletes, or individuals striving for excellence, but Eric Collett, CEO of A Mind For All Seasons, has a truly unique message to share with the world! We live, work and play in a knowledge economy and our brains are our tools. Eric leverages his expertise in brain science to help audiences learn how to sharpen their tools instead of simply trying to motivate them to work harder. Many people speak about time management practices and other productivity strategies, but Eric helps audiences know how to get more done by optimizing their brain health. As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Eric is nationally recognized for his ability to transform complex topics into accessible and actionable insights.

Eric has delivered keynote addresses, workshops, and breakout sessions at events in 38 of the 50 States. He is especially well-known among healthcare professionals for his pioneering work in the field of dementia care techniques and his efforts to help assisted living, skilled nursing, home health, hospice, and other providers learn how to help their residents feel and function better. 

Why Choose Eric Collett for Your Event?

  • Deep Expertise: With decades of experience as a licensed assisted living administrator, business leader, teacher, and consultant in dementia care, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to his presentations.
  • Engaging Presentation Style: Known for his ability to connect with audiences through memorable stories, analogies and role-plays, Eric's presentations will inform while inspiring and motivating participants.
  • Tailored Content: Whether addressing business executives, healthcare professionals, athletes, or family caregivers, Eric's sessions are customized to resonate with and meet the needs of each unique audience.
  • Easy to Work With: Meeting planners have a lot of stresses and an overbearing and demanding speaker should not be one of them! Eric works hard to be accessible, kind, generous, and flexible so you can focus on the many other details you are responsible for.

Featured Speaking Topics

Eric offers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • ​Unlocking Your Brain's Potential: Optimizing and Enhancing Your Cognitive Performance
  • ​Sharpen Your Tool, Not Just Your Skills
  • ​Neuroinflammation and Mental Health
  • ​AI is No Match For An Optimized Brain
  • Mastering the Art & Science of Dementia Care
  • ​Caring for Caregivers: Helping Teams Put On Their Own Oxygen Masks
  • ​Understanding Behavior From The Inside Out
  • ​The VITAL 5 Pillars of Effective Dementia Care
  • ​Is it a Marriage Made in Heaven? Enhancing The Administrator & DNS Relationship 
  • ​Simplify to Magnify 
  • ​Three Secrets to Boosting Occupancy in Any Market 
  • ​Recruiting, Training & Retaining and Emotionally Intelligent Team 
  • ​Programming with SPICE 
  • ​Drive Census, Cut Turnover, and Reduce Stress By Becoming the Communicator Your Customers Deserve 
  • ​Activity Programming: The Keystone of Operational Effectiveness 
  • ​Programming with Purpose: How to Supercharge Your Activities 
  • ​Three Secrets to Boosting Occupancy in Any Market 
  • ​Goal Management vs. Time Management ​​
  • ​And more...

What Attendees Say

"Eric is so knowledegable and has a gift for asking impactful questions, explaining complex health concepts in the simplest ways, and helping people feel valued."

"Attending Eric Collett's session was a game-changer. His ability to convey complex dementia care concepts in an engaging way was impressive. I left with practical strategies that I could immediately implement. Eric's passion for brain health is truly inspiring."

“This session offered the most informative content related to neurocognitive disorders and treatment that I have heard since nursing school. Eric is an excellent presenter, and I will be following his work for practice information in memory care.”

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